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Emergent Systems is a global engineering services and technology company serving the Automotive, Aerospace, Energy and Consumer Products industries since starting operations in 1999. Participating in developing products that are energy efficient is of particular interest to us. We are mindful of our footprint. We continually endeavor to be less wasteful, more efficient in our processes and interactions. In turn, we help in the design, engineering and development of leaner products, products that are less wasteful and more efficient.

Headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, our design centers offer complete infrastructure and computing tools for new engineering product development. Our engineers, designers, project managers, and software engineers possess a unique understanding of the technology toolset (CAD, CAE, PLM, etc) at the heart of any new product development.

Emergent also develops Auros(E2ks), our flagship software product that propels engineering intensive companies into next generation Knowledge Aware Design Processes.



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"Between thought and action reside two words. Why not?" --Toyota

"All big things are made of little things, and we help our customers get the little things right" --Emergent Systems

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