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Data Transfer

Emergent offers data upload and download services. Our design centers are connected to most automotive companies via high speed connections through ANX and Autoweb. We have the data management client tools including TeamCenter TCE, iMan, Metaphase & VPM. Access to vaults can be turned around quickly.

We can upload sponsored data for automotive suppliers, and can download the data in virtually any format. The data can then be converted into the desired output format that is suitable for suppliers data center to consume.

Data Migration

Technology changes in CAD and PLM lead to considerable confusion of data types that the supplier can support. Older CAD systems such as PDGS, CGM, Togo, etc are being obsoleted by modern commerical CAD tools. This leads to a frequent need to convert past data from these older format to the modern ones. Emergent can help make a switch to the new CAD tools painless, by undertaking the conversion on the entire past data set into the new format in a bulk manner, without losing data integrity.

We have the capability to convert from and to most industry formats. If your organization has standardized on certain CAD tools, we can convert this data to the format suitable for the OEM, complete with quality checking to meet OEM standards.




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