Emetgent Systems Overview


Our Vision is to be an enduring, globally recognized and respected engineering and technology organization


Our Mission is to develop efficient and innovative products through our unique and creative product development culture

We achieve results through: open and creative thought, continuous effort to reduce footprint, aggressive application of modern technologies and scientific principles, and by our zeal to deliver.

The 3 Dimensions of our Product Development Culture

East and West
Learn and apply the best ideas from anywhere in the world.

Big and Small
Think big ideas, but leave the smallest footprint.
Be less wasteful, more efficient.

New and Old
Embrace the new, but remember the past.

How we innovate

We believe that innovation results from an exposure to, and making connections between, diverse and distant fields, together with an open mindset to accept remote ideas. At Emergent we encourage our teams to dwell on problems, gain insights and adopt ideas from areas outside their domains. Further, this naturally broadens our toolchest of ideas.


Our Company



Certified minority organization

Dassault CAA Partner

Dassault CAA Partner

Ford Motor ESP

Ford Motor certified Engineering Service Provider

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