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We are regularly engaged along the entire timeline of engineering product development, in many cases, taking products from early concept to final production and beyond. We have assembled a breadth of capabilities in our team for sustained long term product development initiatives.

The uniqueness of our team lies in our openness of thought, rigorous application of engineering and scientific principles, and a clear understanding of deliverables along a timeline. We are not limited by past practices, but strive to find new and innovative answers often from areas outside the product's domain. In addition to know-how in automotive processes, our team members possess domain expertise in energy systems, aircraft structures, aircraft interiors, consumer products, and machine tools.

Our design center in Dearborn, offers state of the art infrastructure with a broad suite of technology, connectivity and computing tools (CAD, CAE, PLM, project management, issues management) for your projects. Our knowledge systems tools enable gathering and maintaining design standards, compiling design guides and checklists for various domain knowledge, whether it deals with automotive, aerospace, consumer products, or machine tools. Combining that together wih our offshore teams can yield cost effective global solutions for the development of your products, and give you a definitive edge on the competition.

Global Delivery

The key components of our global delivery are:

  • A strong team of skilled and experienced engineers and designers, both onshore and offshore
  • Local geographical presence close to customer
  • High bandwidth communication, with customer and within our team
  • Well defined delivery processes
  • Consistent and continuous training
  • Infrastructure and connectivity

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