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We view our staffing services as an extension of our engineering and product development services. Due to our experience in engineering product development we are able to identify high quality candidates consistent with our philosophy, who are skilled in relevant technologies, and above all else have demonstrated the ability to deliver. Very often the candidates that are placed at customer sites have served in the design and engineering capacity at our own design centers.

During the selection process we perform testing to review the following attributes:

  • Technological CAD and Design skills
  • Consistency of delivery
  • A can-do attitude
  • A demeanor that enables team play
  • Creative thought process
  • Offering considerable flexibility, personnel can be hired direct, on contract, or converted to direct hire after pre-determined contract period. Furthermore, personnel can work at your site or ours and is often available for relocation.

    In addition to locations in North America, our global reach enables us to arrange personnel to be available in many geographical locations in Europe, Asia, and South America.



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